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Focusing on You


Studio - One to One   ( 1 hour )

Private one to one sessions with Beth are perfect for beginners or someone needing a little extra guidance. You may be struggling with mat work or certain exercises and need the support and assistance that the apparatus provides. Sometimes it's just one cue or hands on that completely changes an exercise. Lessons are an hour long, including work on all the apparatus in the studio. (Apparatus includes the reformer, cadillac, spine corrector, ladder barrel, wunda chair, pedi-pull, hand weights and magic circle). Between lessons you will be given homework which will be the mat work taught during your lesson.

Stronger Together

Studio - Duets   ( 1 hour )

Duet sessions are designed for couples, friends, and family to give you the confidence and enjoyment to move. If you are someone who has wanted to start pilates for a long time but needed the motivation to join, why not come along with a friend? Lessons are an hour long including mat work, working on the cadillac, and using magic circles and hand weights. Between lessons you will be given homework which will be the mat work taught during your lessons. It is recommended that you have an introductory lesson on your own before starting duets but is not essential.

All Together

Group Classes   ( 45 mins )

 Available Classes


Bloomfield, Narberth





The Training Barn, Narberth



Bloomfield, Narberth



Bloomfield, Narberth


Online Fitness

Join the online world of pilates

It's never too late to start

Online Classes

Pilates mat work lessons delivered to you via the internet in the comfort of your own home. During the pandemic, unfortunately all pilates studios were forced to close, but it didn't stop the need to move and practice the method of pilates. One to one and private group sessions are very flexible and easy to fit in around your day, and group classes are spread across the week.

One to one's ( 30 mins )

  • Scheduled to suit you​.

  • Tailored to suit your needs.

  • Introductory lesson before joining an online duet or class.

Duets ( 30 mins )

  • Scheduled to suit you and a friend.

  • Tailored to suit both your needs.​

  • Can be held in separate households.

Group Classes ( 45 mins )

  • Wednesday - 7pm   
    (Mixed Ability)

  • Friday - 9:30am
    (Mixed Ability)

You will need:

  • Pilates mat (advised 10mm minimum).

  • Sufficient room for your mat and area around it.

  • Laptop / Tablet / Mobile with a camera.

  • Wifi Connection or Data.

  • ​Google Meet.

*Before joining online duet or group classes you will firstly need to complete an introductory lesson in the studio or online. The introductory lesson will give you a basic understanding of the method. Beth can also advise any movements to avoid or teach modifications for exercises that may be unsafe for you to do.*

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